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The full schedule for all levels of Monroe Roller Hockey are now posted

Schedules for all upcoming games including Learn to Skate and Mini Crusaders, are posted on the Recreation/Schedules page.



Statement by the Monroe Roller Hockey League Board of Directors

Re: The Rink @ Smith’s Clove Park

It was reported on a local news channel on October 11th 2016, that the roller hockey rink located inside Smith’s Clove Park in Monroe was unsafe.  Unfortunately this story was incorrect. 

A long time adult player in the Roller Hockey Leagues Adult Division felt that the Park and the League Officials were stalling on resurfacing the rink surface located in Smith’s Clove Park in Monroe, NY.  He thought that by going to a local news organization and complaining about the situation, it would somehow help to get the surface redone.  Unintentionally he touched off a series of missteps resulting in that news organization running a story about an unsafe rink and insinuating that the Park officials would not correct the situation.  The truth is that the rink surface, although aging, is in fact, safe for play. Furthermore, when repairs are needed, they are corrected as soon as possible by the park maintenance manager.

The Monroe Roller League officials and Smith’s Clove Park officials never believed that the rink was unsafe for play. The league’s independent referees have stated on record that they would not allow a game to be played on the rink if they discovered any unsafe conditions to be present. The Park and the League officials are working hard to ensure that this message is clear to the many residents who love and use this rink on a daily basis.

Let’s drop the issue, so that we can drop the puck and get our kids playing Roller Hockey again!  We hope through the progress we are making along with the MJPRC we will have the rink open again soon.

Submitted by James Alcide, Monroe Roller Hockey League Treasurer and Coordinator of Youth Programs for the League.

** Please also see the statement released by the Monroe Joint Parks & Rec Commission below. **

2016 Fall Youth Registration

USARS Membership - Insurance 2016-2017

All MWRHL Players MUST Complete a Membership/Insurance either Online below or Printing and sending to MWRHL.   Using the online link is quick & easy, you will need the Club id which is NY205H and you will choose Inline/House league. Thank you.  If you need to mail check, we are working on getting a form to post.

Thank you

2016-2017 Adult Registration

Fall 2016 Youth Registration is now open.

Go to the Registrations page or click below.

re: Insurance: All players, even if they participated in the 2016 Spring season, are required to renew this "Annual" insurance at this time, and it will be good for the Fall 2016 & Spring 2017 seasons - the link to take care of this online can be found below.  If you can not get the insurance online, I am sorry but the physical Insurance form is not ready yet, so check back here soon for the form to purchase the insurance will be available.   James Alcide



Location of Monroe Woodbury Roller League

Location Address of Monroe Woodbury Roller Hockey League:

Smith's Clove Park

133 Spring Street

Monroe,  New York  10950 


Mailing address: 

PO Box 762
Harriman, NY 10926

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